About the Experts Database

The CHWA CESU Experts Database is a publicly-available collaboration tool designed to connect Federal Partners with Non-Federal Research partners with each other, as well as to connect peers and potential collaborators from other research institutions and organizations who are members of the CHWA CESU.  All data are collected and hosted by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), which is the host institution for the CESU.

To join the database, individuals from both Federal and Non-Federal Partners within the CHWA CESU can complete the application form.  Following review and approval, your profile will be published to the database, where it will be instantly filterable and keyword searchable across a number of fields of data provided by each expert.  Fields that are collected and searched include: name, institution, state, education, research discipline(s), research interests, biographical sketch, education, and recent research.  Additionally, when individuals provide a copy of their CV, it is indexed and searched, allowing users to use very specific keyword searches.

Please feel free to contact us with any corrections, comments, or suggestions for improvement.

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