CHWA CESU 2021 Renewal

Renewal Background

Agreements for Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) are executed for five-year terms. The current Chesapeake Watershed CESU agreement expires in 2021.  CESU renewal requires a three-part application that is due to the National CESU Network office in late January 2021.  Federal partners in the CHWA CESU will draft an assessment report related to the performance of the CESU over the previous five-year term, and a team of external reviewers will do the same. The third part of this application requires the host institution to submit an internal review that includes project data, details of partnership-building activities, and other data related to the unit’s performance, growth, and sustainability over the past five years, as well as plans for the future.

While we routinely track projects and other necessary data for the renewal, there are a few questions we need to pose directly to partners for our self-assessment report.  To make the collection of responses to these questions less burdensome for partners, we’ve set up a survey that will be emailed to technical and administrative representatives to complete.  Below, respondents will find links to other documents available for review as referenced in the survey. 

Please contact Dan Filer at or Rhonda Schwinabart at with any questions related to this renewal. 

Full CHWA CESU Renewal Application

The full application, including the CHWA CESU Host Self-Assessment, Federal Managers Report, and external reviews, is available in PDF format by clicking the following link: CHWA CESU 5yr Renewal 2021

CHWA CESU 5-Year Project Report

Report period: January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020