EcologyPlus mentoring program recruiting students

With the enormous environmental challenges before us, there is a great need to ensure that we have a diverse and skilled workforce at all levels and in all areas. The National Science Foundation-funded EcologyPlus project seeks to facilitate ecological and environmental careers for students and early career professionals from underrepresented groups.  The project uses a collective impact approach incorporating networking and mentoring to broaden the participation of underrepresented minorities in ecology and fields where ecology plays a significant role. Led by the Ecological Society of America with 15 partners in the Washington DC – Baltimore region, the project provides opportunities for students to explore ecological and environmental careers with mentor-guides (scientists and professionals in a wide variety of agencies, nonprofits, and businesses) over the academic year– and encourages participation in related summer experiences.

As the impact of the pandemic declines, we are resuming the EcologyPlus mentoring program for a second cohort of participants with a new mentoring platform, Qooper. This opportunity comes with a $1000 stipend for selected students. We’d love for your students to apply!

More details can be found on  A flyer of the opportunity is also attached. Applications received by October 8 will be given priority review and then on a rolling basis until filled.  We would most appreciate it if you would both advertise and encourage your students to participate. We’d also be happy to visit campus or set up a Zoom meeting to talk with you, your colleagues, and students about the project.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at