Bryan Watts

Photo of Bryan Watts Director and Mitchell A. Byrd Professor of Conservation Biology
The College of William and Mary
205 Ironbound Rd.
Minson Galt House
Williamsburg, Virginia 21388
Phone: 757-221-2247

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Bird conservation, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, osprey, waterbirds, marsh birds, shorebirds, climate change

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The Center for Conservation Biology is more than a physical facility – we are a community formed around a simple belief. Our shared belief is that the existence and quality of human life throughout the planet is so dependent on the condition of the environment that safeguarding the environment is a priority for all humankind. We are a group of dedicated professional scientists, students, and citizens who focus energy, expertise, and experience on solving pressing environmental problems. We seek real-world solutions that work.

Our work has global impact. It drives the conservation community forward on a daily basis. Our research is used to created or improve environmental policy, to inform management decisions, to locate the highest priority lands for protection, and to educate us all about the least destructive path ahead. With a record of bringing more than 500 research projects to successful conclusions, we are proud of how these projects continue to shape our world.

The Center for Conservation Biology is an effective organization that turns contributions into real benefits for the public and the environment on which we all depend and enjoy. Although we are a research unit shared by the College of William and Mary and the Virginia Commonwealth University, all of our research and operating costs come from gifts, grant awards, and contracts.


  • B.S. in Biology, Virginia Tech
  • M.A. in Biology, College of William and Mary
  • Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Georgia

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