Courtney Schultz

Photo of Courtney Schultz Social Science Researcher; Adjunct Faculty
Park Rx America
Phone: 262-490-2151

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Human health and wellbeing, nature exposure, nature-based health interventions, equity, recreation, park use

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With nearly a decade of experience leading research projects for local, state and federal agencies, Dr. Schultz has developed an expertise in the design and execution of behavioral health research across the lifespan—all with the focus of integrating nature exposure into a salutogenic healthcare approach for communities. Dr. Schultz has unique research and community service experience related to underserved communities and in identifying public health goals support by public parks and trails in both community and clinical settings.

Dr. Schultz Adjunct Faculty for the University of Missouri and is also the Executive Director of Health and Technology Partners, a social science research consultancy dedicated to improving wellbeing through cooperative partnerships with healthcare providers, communities, and natural resources. Additionally, she sits on the advisory board for Hike it Baby, the advisory council for the SHIFT Emerging Leaders Program, and is a SHIFT Emerging Leader (’19).


  • Ph.D. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. NC State University.
  • M.S. Parks and Recreation Management. University of Missouri.
  • B.S. Parks and Recreation Management. University of Missouri.

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