Kristine Grayson

Photo of Christine Grayson Assistant Professor
University of Richmond
138 UR Drive
Department of Biology
Richmond, Virginia 23173
Phone: 804-484-1623

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Amphibian and reptile conservation, invasive forest pests, gypsy moth, population ecology, thermal biology, vernal pool preservation

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Kristine L. Grayson is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at University of Richmond. Dr. Grayson received her Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Virginia. Her graduate research, conducted at Mountain Lake Biological Station, used mark-recapture models to examine the tradeoffs of migratory decisions in a pond-breeding amphibian. Her first postdoctoral research position was at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand to study sex-ratio bias under climate change in tuatara, an endemic reptile. Upon returning to Virginia, she worked with Dr. Derek Johnson at Virginia Commonwealth University who introduced her to forest pest research. Her current research examines the spread potential of gypsy moth at the southern invasion front, as well as continuing projects in amphibian and reptile ecology and conservation.


  • Davidson College, NC: Biology, BS, 2003
  • University of Virginia, VA: Biology, PhD, 2010

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