Natalie Kruse

Ohio University
Room 225, Building 22, The Ridges
Building 22
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone: 740-593-9526

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Watershed Restoration, Acid Mine Drainage, Oil and Gas, Stream Restoration, Water Quality Characterization

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Dr. Natalie Kruse Daniels is trained in civil engineering and geological sciences with a focus on water quality characterization, stream recovery after mining, oil, and gas operations, and fate and transport of contaminants in surface and groundwater. Dr. Kruse Daniels earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering at Ohio University and her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University. She uses field-based studies, laboratory water quality experiments, and numerical, statistical, and geographical modeling to answer questions about water quality impairment and interaction between industrial and mining activity, hydrology, and stream health. Her recent work includes modeling of post-mining water levels using an empirical GIS based model, characterization of stream recovery in treated, mined watersheds, development of low-cost remote water quality sensors, determination of changing stream dynamics in chemically impaired watersheds with changing climate, and statistical modeling of the connection between large scale climate patterns and hydrology of the Western Allegheny Plateau of Ohio.


2004 – Ohio University – B.S. Civil Engineering, minor: Geological Sciences

2007 – Newcastle University – Ph.D. Civil Engineering and Geosciences

2007 – 2009 – Sir Joseph Swan for Energy Research, Newcastle University – Post-Doctoral Researcher


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