Stephanie Yarwood

Associate Professor
University of Maryland College Park
1427 Animal Science Building
College Park, Maryland 20742
Phone: 301-405-1345

Research Disciplines: Research Interests:

Methane, nitrous oxide, carbon sequestration, restoration, nitrogen cycling, bacteria, fungi, archaea

Biographical Sketch

I am a soil microbial ecologist that uses a combination of molecular approaches and activity measurements to link microbial community composition to function. I have worked in a variety of ecosystems including wetlands, agriculture, forests, and urban sites. Recently much of my work has involved the production and consumption of trace gases–methane and nitrous oxide. Besides natural systems, I am interested in way to improve restoration techniques to promote microbial activity.


  • Blue Mountain Community College, Biology, A.S., 1998
  • Whitman College, English, B.A., 2001
  • Oregon State University, Soil Science, Ph.D., 2007

Other Research

I have a current project examining depressional wetlands on the Eastern Shore and another in sustainable grain production systems.

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