Victoria Coles

Associate Professor
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Horn Point Laboratory
PO Box 775
Cambridge, Maryland 21613
Phone: 410-221-8248

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Research Disciplines: Research Interests:

Observation and modeling of ocean circulation, Climate variability and impacts on regional and global scales,Biogeochemical, ecological, and genomic modeling

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My research focuses on understanding the interactions between physical and biogeochemical ocean processes in both coastal and open ocean regimes. I use both observations and models of coupled systems using strategies that bridge widely varying spatial and temporal scales to better understand how event scale, or individual scale processes influence the dynamics of the whole system. The common theme is how nonlinear interactions between physics, biogeochemistry and ecology are influenced by climate variability.

My most recent research efforts include: understanding the physical and ecological impacts of changes in extreme events in the Chesapeake Bay using data and IPCC class model projections; combining Eulerian with Lagrangian and stochastic modeling techniques to allow coupled circulation, biogeochemistry, and ecology models to span large ranges in spatial and temporal scale processes in the Amazon River Plume; and coupling models of ocean currents and biogeochemistry to genes and macroalgae.


B.S., University of California at San Diego. Physics (Earth Sciences).

Ph.D., University of Miami. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Physical Oceanography.  (Advisor. Dr. Donald B. Olson)

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