Willem Roosenburg

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Ohio University
7 Depot Street
Life Sciences Building
Athens, Ohio 45701
Email: roosenbu@ohio.edu
Phone: 740-503-4983

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Research Disciplines: Research Interests:

Life history biology and conservation of long-lived species, particularly herpetofauna with specialty in diamondback terrapins.

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I study the demography and life histories of long-lived vertebrates. Our goal is to understand how natural and human-caused  environmental variation influences the vital rates of survival and fecundity and affect population stability. The cornerstone of our research is long-term mark-recapture applied in an empirical context to study ecological, evolutionary, and conservation questions. We also engage in environmental education and outreach through the TERP (Terrapin Education and Research Partnership) where we integrate K-12 environmental education and literacy with conservation science to both enhance awareness and evaluate the effectiveness of conservation / management strategies.


  • Ph.D. Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1992; Dissertation Title: Life History Consequences of Nest Site selection by the Diamondback Terrapin, Malaclemys Terrapin.  (Arthur E. Dunham, Advisor)
  • M.A. Biology, State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York; 1986; Thesis Title: The Effect of Interspecific Interaction and Cover on the Thermoregulatory Behavior of Bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus, in a Thermally Stressed Environment. (Edward A. Standora, Advisor)
  • B.S. Zoology, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island; 1981 

Ongoing and Recent CESU Projects

None, but I do work on Poplar Island in Talbot County, Maryland.

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