Despite being a virtual organization, the CHWA CESU meets in-person annually to discuss improvements to the collaborative process, host renowned speakers, and vote upon CHWA CESU matters.

2020 Annual Meeting 

This year’s CHWA CESU Annual Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, from 9:30am-11:30am. 

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Once registered, attendees will receive a calendar invitation with Zoom access instructions included.

Additional details for the virtual meeting, including an agenda, will be posted as they become available.  Until then, please contact Dan Filer or Rhonda Schwinabart with any meeting-related questions.


Past Meetings:

2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 annual meeting was held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at Howard University’s Interdisciplinary Research Building. Please see below for links to the meeting documents and presentations.

CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting Agenda
CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting Contact List 
CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting Minutes 

Draft CHWA CESU Brochure 

CHWA CESU Federal Partners Meeting Agenda
CHWA CESU Federal Partners Meeting Minutes


CHWA CESU Annual Meeting Morning Recording

Update from the National CESU Office-An Introspective View – Dr. John Dennis, Deputy Chief Scientist, NPS

Colonel Charles Young: Researching a Life of Transformative Impact– Magella Chube Hamilton and Brenda Zanders, Howard University

Radiative Properties of Aging Saharan Dust Plumes Entering the Tropical Atlantic– Dr. Daniel Yeager, Howard University

2019 CHWA CESU Evaluation 


The 2018 annual meeting was held on Friday, June 8, 2018, at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) in Shepherdstown, WV.  Please see below for links to the agendas, minutes, and presentations.

CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting  Agenda
CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting Minutes

CHWA CESU Federal Partners Meeting  Agenda
CHWA CESU Federal Partners Meeting Minutes 

CHWA CESU Meeting Contact List (Registrants and Attendees)

Recorded Proceedings:
The 2018 CHWA CESU Partners Annual Meeting was streamed live.  A recording of the morning and afternoon sessions can be found below with the presentations.  A transcript of the meeting can be accessed from the link below:

CHWA CESU Annual Meeting Transcript


CHWA CESU Annual Meeting Morning Recording

Experts database by Dr. Eric Davidson, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science-Appalachian Laboratory Director and CHWA CESU Director
CHWA CESU update by Dr. Dan Filer, National Park Service, CHWA CESU Research Coordinator

Lightning Presentations: 

CHWA CESU Annual Meeting Afternoon Lightning Presentations Recording

Ann Gallagher, NPS, Natural Resources and science    (recording start time: 5:30)
Kathryn Smith, NPS, Tolson’s Chapel & School National Historic Landmark nomination    (recording start time: 13:02)
Andrew Landsman, NPS, CESU projects at the C&O Canal National Historic Park    (recording start time: 19:35)
Maggie Daniels, George Mason University, Technology-based visitor use counts and reporting: KOWA pilot test    (recording start time: 27:19)
Ami Riscassi, University of Virginia, The Shenandoah Watershed Study- a long-term stream water quality monitoring program    (recording start time: 35:09)
Sean MacDougall, BLM, BLM eastern states    (recording start time: 42:42) 
Claire Jantz, Shippensburg University, Ongoing and upcoming CESU projects at Shippensburg University     (recording start time: 50:42)
Katia Engelhardt, UMCES, History of parks in science      (recording start time: 58:57)
Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America, Ecological Society of America: Advancing the understanding of life on Earth     (recording start time: 1:07:27)
Joseph Pitula, UMES, Disease and population structure of the blue crab in the Maryland coastal bay     (recording start time: 1:15:04)
Robert Sonderman and Joanne Westbrook, NPS, National Park Service, National Capital Region, Museum Management Program     (recording start time: 1:20:56) 

Lightning Presentations: Glossary of Technical Terms 


In 2017, the CHWA CESU held its annual conference on November 1st at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV.  The meeting was broadcast on the Shepherd University Youtube Channel.  Please see links below for recordings of the proceedings (two links exist due to a power outage that necessitated opening a second broadcast channel), slides from featured presentations, and documents distributed at the meeting.

Recorded Proceedings: 
First Part of Annual Meeting
Second Part of Annual Meeting 

Presentation by Dr. Tim Watkins, National Park Service, Science Access and Engagement Coordinator
Presentation by Aaron Maloy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Geneticist
Report on active CESU projects entered in CHWA CESU database
Fall 2017 CHWA CESU newsletter 



In 2016, it held a meeting of the Federal Managers Committee and All Federal and Nonfederal Partners on June 17th in Shepherdstown, WV.

Presentation by Perry Wheelock, National Park Service, National Capital Region
Presentation by Dr. Jean Brennan, Appalachian LCC


In 2015, the CHWA CESU held its annual conference on October 28th in Baltimore, MD.