NPS Battlefield Preservation Planning Grants

Where do history, conservation, and public engagement intersect? “At a battlefield” might not be the first answer you think of, but it’s true. Sites of armed conflict are part of American heritage, and as preserved landscapes, they are also important spaces for natural resource conservation and public access to green space.

The National Park Service is now accepting applications for Battlefield Preservation Planning Grants. These grants fund non-federal projects focused on planning for, interpreting, and protecting battlefields and historic sites associated with armed conflicts on American soil, from any time period in history. They are awarded annually and competitively to state, local, and tribal governments, other public entities, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Eligible activities include research, documentation, oral history, community engagement activities, interpretation and education, preservation planning, and more. They do not require matching funds.

The 2021 competition is now open until February 12, 2021. The funding announcement and application materials are available at

You can learn more at The American Battlefield Protection Program’s staff welcome questions, and invite you to contact us about your ideas for proposals, at