NPS, Student Trainee Position Available

Prince William Forest Park is hiring a Student Trainee, Administrative Support, Office Automation position. This employee will work directly with the Park’s Superintendent and Administrative Officer on a wide range of tasks requiring a highly organized and motivated individual, skill with interpersonal communication and great attention to detail. Please find additional details and apply at the job posting USAJOBS – Job Announcement.

Prince William Forest Park (est. 1940/renamed 1948) is located in Prince William and Stafford counties, Virginia, and is the third largest national park in the Commonwealth.  Annual visitation is approximately 350,000.  Visitors prize the park a back-to-nature getaway.  Fundamental resources include 14,600 acres of Eastern Deciduous Forest, much of the Quantico Creek watershed, and more than 200 historic structures built by the CCC.  Amenities include 40 miles of trails, an 8-mile Scenic Drive, RV and tent campgrounds, picnic areas, orienteering course, and five rustic cabin camps.  The history preserved in the park reflects events from prehistoric times and the American Revolution through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Civil Rights Era.  For more information, visit and Facebook @prwinps.