Profile Photo Submission

You’re almost there! There’s just one last optional step in the application process. In order to personalize your Experts profile page and make you recognizable to your CESU colleagues, we’d like to include a profile photo.

This is optional but keep in mind that profiles that include a photograph look more personal and are also more likely to be visited.

Use the area below to upload a profile photo or professional head shot.

Files must be less than 100 MB in size but larger than 334 by 334 pixels. Allowed file types are: png, gif, jpg, and jpeg.

We may need to crop or resize your photo to meet site display requirements.

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Once you have received a success message on the submission of your profile photo, your application process is complete. Once confirmed and verified by the web administrator, your profile will added to the database.

We would appreciate any feedback that you could provide with respect to your application process user experience. Visit this form to provide feedback that will help us improve the process.