Updated 08/01/2022

NUMBER N62473-22-2-0004

Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) will be used to identify a potential Cooperator for a project to be funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), Western Pond Turtles (WPT), Actinemys marmorata and Actinemys pallida, despite their large range, have declined across the western United States. This project will conduct a status assessment of WPT on military sites through a standardized monitoring protocol aiming to determine the distribution and abundance, and to evaluate habitat management opportunities. Approximately $74,671.25 is expected to be available to support this project in Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. Up to one (1) option period may be exercised to provide additional research.

Item Estimated Funding
Base Period $74,671.25
Option Period 1 $111,208.50

**Subject to the Anti-Deficiency Act (31 U.S.C. § 1341), additional funding may be available for follow on work in subsequent fiscal years to the successful Recipient.

Type of Assistance Instrument Anticipated: Cooperative Agreement

Authority: Cooperative Agreement under 16 USC §670c-1

Eligible Applicants: Any Californian or Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit member (CESU) cooperative partner who qualifies under the DoDGARS Part 34 or 2 Code of Federal Regulations 200 is eligible to apply.

Cost Sharing: Not required

The WPT is confirmed present on numerous military installations along the western U.S. and is a species listed on the DoD at-risk priority species list. In view of the current population declines of this species, it has been petitioned for federal listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The DoD would like to have a better understanding of the abundance and distribution of WPT on military installations in addition to assessing conservation needs on respective installations and preventing its decline. The data obtained through this investigation will be incorporated into installation INRMPs to be pro-active regarding the potential federal listing of this species under the ESA.

This project implements, in part, the Commander Navy Region Southwest’s (CNRSW) responsibilities pursuant to the ESA (16 USC 1531 et seq.), the Sikes Act Improvement Act (16 USC 670 et seq.), and Executive Order 13112.

Brief Description of Anticipated Work:
This project will build capacity for managing at risk species to enable mission readiness on military installations: working with the WPT (Actinemys pallida/marmorata) on select installations throughout its range. The goal of the project is to improve the knowledge of the WPT on military installations that we have identified, and tocreate a replicable model for a conservation approach for other military installations (both installations with confirmed observations and those with potential habitat). `

Period of Performance: The proposed period of performance consists of one (1) 18-month base period, and one (1) option period. The option period has a period of performance of 12 months from the date of award. If the option period is awarded, the period of performance may be extended by 12 months from the current period of performance date, or run concurrently with the base Period. The option period is subject to the availability of funds and may be unilaterally awarded during the Base Period. The end date is the anticipated date that the Final Report is accepted by the Government.

Period Period of Performance Anticipated Award Date
Base Period Date of Award – 18 Months Fall 2022
Option Period 1 12 Months from award February 2024

Materials Requested for Statement of Interest/Qualifications:
Please provide the following via e-mail attachment to

  • SF 424 (Enclosure 3)
  • Research & Related Senior/Key Personnel Form (Enclosure 4). Please see Factor 1 for additional submittal requirements.
  • Research and Related Budget Form (Enclosure 5)
  • SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (Enclosure 6). If applicable, complete SF- LLL. Applicability: If any funds other than Federal appropriated funds have been paid or will be paid to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of any agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with the grant/cooperative agreement, you must complete and submit Standard Form – LLL, “Disclosure Form to Report Lobbying.”

*Please note, that some of the forms functionality may be lost. Please visit to retrieve the forms directly from the website.

**Reimbursement of pre-award costs will not be allowed.

Please also include the following, (Maximum length: 10 pages, single-spaced 12 pt. font).

  1. Name, Organization and Contact Information
  2. Brief Statement of Qualifications (including):
    • Biographical Sketch;
    • Relevant past projects and clients with brief descriptions of these projects;
    • Staff, faculty or students available to work on this project and their areas of expertise;
    • Any brief description of capabilities to successfully complete the project you may wish to add (e.g., permits, equipment, laboratory facilities, field facilities, etc.);
    • Copy of existing pesticide permit(s) (off label use if necessary) or assertion of ability to obtain permit as necessary for project. 

Note: We are intending to use fiscal year 2022 funds for this project. A detailed study proposal and cost estimate are requested at this time.

Review of Statements Received: Proposals will be evaluated based on the four factors listed below and include the credentials of key personnel, scientific approach, safety plan, and reasonableness of cost.

Factor 1 – Credentials of Key Personnel

Principal Investigator (PI). This individual must have: Principal Investigator (PI): The Cooperator shall designate one person as responsible for ensuring that provisions are in place for project and personnel supervision, quality control and meeting of reporting requirements. This position shall be responsible for liaison between Cooperator and the Grants Officer or CATR and shall serve as the main point of contact for all required results and/or progress reports on the study. This person shall have, at the minimum:

  • A PhD degree in animal biology, ecology, or a related science;
  • Qualifications and field experience to fulfill the required tasks (i.e., in-depth knowledge of Western Pond Turtles, their food, water and resource requirements, radiotelemetry, reproductive biology, health assessments and techniques for handling G. agassizii);
  • A publication record demonstrating expert knowledge of Emydid turtles, their food, water, physiologic and resource requirements, radiotelemetry, reproductive biology, growth, survival, health assessments and techniques for handling adult and juvenile WPT, and securing and maintaining aquatic traps and enclosures and related support;
  • Demonstrated an ability to mark and measure the body size, condition and growth of individual turtles; 
  • A minimum of five years of experience in a responsible position providing oversight of, support to or directly involved in Emydid turtle conservation and management.  
    • A CV demonstrating expert knowledge and peer-reviewed lead author on scientific publications on Emydid turtles, their ecology, and conservation;
    • An ability to identify WPTs likely to be found throughout their range;
    • A demonstrated ability to provide administrative, scientific, and human/financial resources to support a conservation program in wildland areas

Factor 2 – Innovative Scientific Approach – The Offeror shall develop a proposal addressing the proposed WPT survey trapping and shell disease swabbing and sampling across the range of the species on military installations both historic and extant. The proposal will include disease swabbing and sampling on non-target turtle species as well. The Offeror will be evaluated as to the soundness of the overall approach and the use of any innovative techniques to accomplish the objectives of the stated approach.

Factor 3 – Technical Approach to Safety – The Offeror shall provide a narrative describing how safety practices/procedures will be implemented to complete the proposed work. Proposals will be analyzed to determine how the Offeror will implement safety practices/procedures and determine the degree to which innovations are being proposed that may enhance safety on this procurement. The Government is seeking to determine that the Offeror has demonstrated a commitment to safety and that the Offeror plans to properly manage and implement safety procedures for itself and its subcontractors.

Factor 4 – Reasonableness of Cost* – The proposal will be analyzed to determine whether it pricing is materially/mathematically balanced, and is fair and reasonable. The Offeror shall use OMB Circular A- 21 “Cost Principles for Institutions of Higher Education,” or 48 CFR part 31 “Contract Cost Principles and Procedures,” as applicable. Evaluation will include an analysis to determine the Offeror’s comprehension of the requirements of the solicitation as well as to assess the validity of the Offeror’s approach.

Please provide your proposed budget on the provided PDF titled, “Research and Related Budget” form.* Please also submit a budget narrative, and any corresponding supporting data.

Complete the Research and Related Budget form in accordance with the instructions on the form. You must provide a detailed cost breakdown of all costs, by cost category, by the funding periods described below, and by task/sub-task corresponding to the task number in the proposed Statement of Work. Option Period 1 must be separately priced. The form will generate a cumulative budget for the total project period. You must complete all the mandatory information on the form before the NEXT PERIOD button is activated. You may request funds under any of the categories listed as long as the item and amount are necessary to perform the proposed work and meet all the criteria for allowability under the applicable Federal cost principles. The budget should adhere to the following guidelines:

The budget should be driven by program requirements. Elements of the budget shall include:

  • Direct Labor – Individual labor category or person, with associated labor hours and unburdened direct labor rates. 
  • Indirect Costs – Fringe benefits, overhead, G&A, COM, etc. (must show base amount and rate). Justify in Field L. 
  • Travel – Number of trips, destination, duration, etc. Justify in Field K (on the form).
  • Subcontract – A cost proposal as detailed as the applicant’s cost proposal will be required to be submitted by the subcontractor. If applicable, include in Research & Related Subaward Budget Attachment Form.
  • Consultant – Provide consultant agreement or other document that verifies the proposed loaded daily/hourly rate. Include a description of the nature of and the need for any consultant’s participation. Strong justification must be provided, and consultants are to be used only under exceptional circumstances where no equivalent expertise can be found at a participating university. Provide budget justification in Field L. 
  • Materials – Specifically itemized with costs or estimated costs. An explanation of any estimating factors, including their derivation and application, shall be provided. Include a brief description of the applicant’s procurement method to be used (competition, engineering estimate, market survey, etc.). Justify in Field L. 
  • Other Directs Costs – Particularly any proposed items of equipment or facilities. Equipment and facilities generally must be furnished by the cooperator/recipient (justifications must be provided when Government funding for such items is sought). Include a brief description of the applicant’s procurement method to be used (competition, engineering estimate, market survey, etc.). Justify in Field L. 
  • Budget Justification (Field L on the form): Provide the required supporting information for the cost elements as shown above (see Research & Related Budget instructions) and listed as follows: indirect cost, travel, consultant, materials, and other direct costs. Provide any other information you wish to submit to justify your budget request. 

RELATIVE IMPORTANCE OF EVALUATION FACTORS – Factor 1, Credentials of the Project Manager and Technical staff, Factor 2, Innovative Scientific Approach and Factor 3 Approach to Safety are approximately equal in value. When combined, these factors are significantly more important than Factor 4, Reasonableness of Cost.

Please send electronic responses and questions to:

Kevin Magennis, Cooperative Agreement Administrator, Environmental Acquisition Core

Point of Contact Information:

Kevin Magennis, Cooperative Agreement Administrator, Environmental Acquisition Core
Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Southwest
750 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92132
Phone Number: 619-705-5566

Timeline for Review of Statements of Interest:

We request that Statements of Interest be submitted by August 9, 2022 2:00 PM PDT August 16, 2022 2:00 PM PDT. This Request for Statements of Interest will remain open for two weeks until an investigator team is selected. Statements of Interest received after August 9, 2022 2:00 PM PDT August 16, 2022 2:00 PM PDT will be deemed “late” and may not be considered. Please submit requests for information/questions no later than August 4, 2022 2:00 PM PDT August 11, 2022 2:00 PM PDT.

Special Conditions:

Use of Information. The information, data, and material recovered, developed, gathered and assembled and reproduced by the Recipient, in fulfillment of the contract requirements, as defined or related to, in the Scope of Work, will become the property of the Navy and shall, therefore, not be used by the PI for any purpose or use, nor released prior to public release by the Navy, without the written consent of the Government Representative and the Grants Officer.

Documents and Forms:

N62473-22-2-0004 RSOI
Enclosure 1 – SOW
Enclosure 2 -Terms and conditions
Enclosure 3 -SF 424
Enclosure 4 -Research and Related
Enclosure 5 -Research Related Budget Form
Enclosure 6 -Disclosure of Lobbying Activities SF LLL