US National Park Service Botany Fellowship

Please see the link below for a fellowship with the United States National Park Service.  We are looking for a botanist who can lead surveying efforts for rare, threatened, and endangered plant species with a geographic focus on the Potomac Gorge.  This area of the park contains over 100 State-listed plant species, many of which are at risk of extirpation.  This would be a good opportunity for someone with a strong background in plant identification.  The incumbent will work with the NPS as well as our partner, Dr. Anahi Espindola with the University of Maryland.  Data will feed into comprehensive analyses of the NPS rare plant database which includes over a century of occurrence data.  The position lasts 40 weeks and pays $17.25/hour.  Please feel free to forward on to students, recent grads, and others who may be interested.  Thanks!